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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MGT301 - Principles of Marketing GDB Solution 08-01-2013

Well, no doubt the government market is very large market for the companies and companies try to win the bidding on the tenders asked by the government market, but to win the tenders there can be several ethical ways but the shortcut way to find the decision makers for the government and try to approach them in negative ways, the same is being in our countries.

In my opinion, giving the special offers to the decision makers for the government like dinners and other compensations, this is not only wrong but also against the business ethics. When these decision makers gets the benefits from the different companies they had sold the sincerity. now they have to give the decision for the companies from which they have enjoyed the compensation, in the result, the companies may provide the low quality goods to the government market or can also prices above the market level in order to fulfill the compensation that they already have been provided to the decision makers.

So, providing such compensations is not justifiable by the decision makers. Winning the tender should be on the basis of quality, price competition, actual need satisfaction and other economical and social competitive advantages.

Countries like Pakistan, the corruption is already a major issue, in this environment such dealings and such benefits bring the economical loss for the country, furthermore, it is the liability of the government market too to have check and balance between the competitors and try to purchase the good while making the creating the perfect competition market environment, and multiple decision makers should be adopted to satisfy purchase need of the government.

Reference of Puchasing Costly Electiricty, Fuel, Wheet and other imports can be added here for refernces.


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